Thursday, March 26, 2015

Juice Bar Huntsville

This place is so plant-based diet friendly, the place might explode from greeness! 

It can also be easily gluten-free and vegan friendly. About the only thing you have to watch out for here as a vegan is honey. And if you have a gluten-intolerance you have, not only a wide selection of juices and smoothies to choose from, but Mason-Dixon Bakery muffin treats and soup -- all vegan!

Of course, they have juices! Click on the photo to enlarge the current juice menu. Next time I visit I'm going to try a round of Power Shots.

They brag that their soup is always vegan and gluten-free. I enjoyed the black bean soup that was available when I visited. $4.95 for the 12oz cup I got. A little over-pureed for my taste, but the low sodium content was very nice. Yay! No burning of the mouth!


The Sweet Greens Muffin, made especially for Juice Bar by Mason Dixon Bakery is a great banana bread way to sneak kale into your diet. Enjoyed these muffins a lot!

The Blue Chocolatta

The first smoothie I tried was freakin' fantastic! The Blue Chocolatta. Cacao powder, almond butter, blueberries, banana, and coconut milk make one delish drink. $6.50 for 16oz, $8.50 for 24oz.

And of course there are many more types to try, which, if this guy is any indication, are also amazing.


 Other assorted goodies line the store. A vegan need only to watch out for honey, and a plant-based dieter can just grab anything here. Fantastic!

Find more information about Juice Bar Huntsville:
Instagram: @ilovejuicebar
Twitter: @JuiceBarHSV

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