Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Foodtruck Rally (Street Food Gathering) July 17th

The food truck rally has been bumped up a day to July 17th, due to rain. As usual it will be from 6pm to 9pm, on Church Street downtown and will feature its usual climbing wall and musicians. But what really makes this foodtruck event special is the time shift will put in during not only Greene Street Farmers Market, but also Sidewalk Arts Stroll is going on this Thursday evening as well. This could either be a great idea, since the crowds will be more spread out through downtown, or a really horrible idea that draws in too many people creating huge lines everywhere. Time will tell.

As we've talked about before, navigating a food truck event can be very difficult for a vegan or plantbased dieter - in some cases even a vegetarian -  so I've tried to get info from as many trucks as I could. I will be updating this post as I get more info. The list of trucks I've contacted is as follows:

Crave Heat


I've vblogged about these folks before. Of any of the businesses I've contacted, Crave Heat have been the most accommodating towards vegans, offering completely new menu items and special giveaways for vegans and vegetarians. This streetfood gathering gives you lost of options that are completely vegan.

Pineapple Delite

I haven't seen an offical name for this yet, but that's what I'm calling it. A hollowed out pineapple makes the tasty bowl for soyrizo with their new vegan cheese melted on top. Only 40 pineapples will be available Thursday, so either beg for more or come early.


Soyrizo Burrito or Tacos

A homemade tortilla wraps up a superamazing taste experience! Crave Heat makes their own soyrizo with authentic spices, and now larger and tastier chunks of tomatoes, onions, and olives. You can get your soyrizo on a handmade flour tortilla as a burrito, my vote for flavor and value - warms up great later; on corn tortillas as a taco; or sometimes they offer smothered french fries.

*NEW* Stuffed Bell Peppers

For this food truck event Crave Heat will also have sweet belle peppers stuffed with the amazing soyrizo and topped with vegan cheese and pico de gallo.

Veggie Burrito or Tacos

For simpler taste they still offer a veggie burrito made with vegan beans and rice.

Earth and Stone Woodfired Pizza

Generally pizza places have vegetarian options and it looks like they have some vegan options, too. Of course a real Italian pizza has very little (if any) cheese so you can always order a cheeseless pizza with the veggies packed on. They tell me their crust is entirely vegan. They also have hummus. In my strange world that means you you put hummus on the crust and you have a sort of a pita pizza that sounds like a great foodtruck meal to me.Their crust looks absolutely delicious!

Fire and Spice

A new food truck from Earth and Stone family! I querried about their vegan options and they went above and beyond with their answer, designing a new menu item for us!


Mediterranean Tortilla Melt

House made hummus with a great blend of seasonings on a grilled flour tortilla with a complement of VERY fresh veggies like onions, spinach, peppers, and mushrooms. Don't see it on the menu today? No problem, ask for the Veggie Melt and tell them to substitute hummus for cheese. The Veggie Melt is suitable for vegetarians.

Food Fighters Bustaurant

Their vegan options are limited, but they sound tasty! They offer sriracha fries and buffalo fries.

Mason Dixon Bakery


Huntsville's completely gluten-free bakery! Employees are generally very knowledgeable and helpful to find vegan, dairyfree, or paleo options, but sometimes they make mistakes as they don't have ingredients lists when they are out and about. For instance I've been told three separate times that the snicker doodles are vegan but when I finally bought them from a store the ingredients included honey, which strict vegans would be upset about.  I'm looking to get complete ingredients lists for all their products to double check, but theses are the items I have been told are vegan.

 *NEW* Vegan quinoa lime salad

Special for tonight's streetfood event. Sounds like a tasty combo!

Vegan cupcakes

There are three chocolate vegan cupcakes like the blue frosted Cookie Monster. They are very sweet, but absolutely delicious!


Vegan breads

Their regular white bread and their raisin toast bread are vegan. Last foodtruck rally they carried a readymade vegan sandwich.


Fruit and nut bars

These will remind you of Larabars, which is a good thing.

On-On Tacos

I have yet to try this food truck yet, but from talking with them it sounds like these folks are trying to accomodate a variety of diets. Their beans are vegan, they offer a paleo bowl, and their nachos can be made gluten-free. Nut free and shellfish are "quarantined" so they seem allergy aware. For a vegan meal, they suggest ordering a burrito or the nachos without the animal products.

Piper & Leaf

The quintessential Southern sweet iced tea in a variety of flavors. Too sweet? No problem, just ask them to make it unsweet. Be sure to bring back your canning jar cup for half off on refills of any kind. They carry a variety of tea and coffee products. 



Rocket City Expresso

These folks went above and beyond with their answer, providing us with a detailed list of milks, syrups, and smoothie mixes they offer that are dairy free and fully vegan. Very helpful and nice!
Besides coffee, they have various types of teas, or their mango or strawberry smoothies can also be made vegan. When it comes to coffee drinks, they have the basics that can be ordered with either Soy or Almond milk. Unfortunately, mocha, caramel, white chocolate mocha all contain dairy. But the following flavors are available:
Espresso Macchiato
Cafe Latte
Cafe Americano
Chai Tea Latte
Syrup flavors that are safe:
Creme de Menthe
Sugar Free Vanilla

Sugar Belle Cupcakes

Currently they offer no dairyfree, paleo, or vegan options. They may be offering a paleo cupcake in the future. I spoke with them about expanding their menu for those on plant based diets, so please feel free to drop them a friendly note if you would buy a vegan cupcake from them.

See your foodtruck on this list? Don't? Want more details about your business for this Friday (and beyond)? Let me know and I'll update this post. If you aren't sure about anything vegan or vegetarian related on your menu, please feel free to ask questions and get nonpreachy, factual answers. Comment here or get in touch with me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.