Thursday, May 8, 2014

Cinco De Mayo - Crave Heat and Humphrey's

Last Monday was Cinco de Mayo, and Downtown Huntsville, especially Humphrey's Bar and Grill, held a margarita fueled event. From a margarita making contest, to pinatas, to lively decor of papel picado Humphrey's had it going on!

While I was sure to enjoy their margaritas, I was also looking to enjoy some food while I was there. I heard Crave Heat, one of our local food trucks, was going to have more traditional Mexican foods on their menu, so I decided it was time to try to procure some vegan food from a food truck. They are not very easy to navigate for vegetarians, let alone vegans.

Enjoy my slightly campy v-blog review of their veggie burrito, beginning with some video of the party at Humphrey's and some of their very colorful tortilla chips:

To sum up-
  • Super tasty!
  • Flavorful beans, rice, and grilled veggies wrapped in a fantastically flaky handmade tortilla
  • Slightly salty for healthfood eater
  • Order carefully, explaining that you want cheese and sour cream left off
  • Long wait, don't be in a hurry
  • Friendly staff
  • TMNT game
  • May be carrying veg chorizo in the future
  • Buy local!

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